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Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

A quick explanation of some commonly used terms and abbreviations.

SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest.

ASNW - Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland.

Coppicing - The cutting back of underwood on a regular cycle. 

Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) - Coppice cut back on a rotation of less than an arbitrary 10 years.

Understory, Underwood - The growth of small trees and shrubs beneath the large trees in a wood.

Dead-hedge - Sometimes called a windrow, this is a line of cut material used to form a windbreak or a division.

Scrub - The unwanted growth of small trees and shrubs on downland, meadows and other areas.

Arisings - The cut material when clearing scrub or coppicing.

Coupe - An area of trees felled in a forestry harvesting operation such as coppicing.

Coppice Stool - The stump remaining after a tree has been coppiced.

Ride - A lane cut through a woodland for access and which demarcates compartments.

Compartment - An area making up a management unit, often made up of coupes.

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Our objectives are "The conservation and protection of the natural environment, to ensure the survival of rare and endangered species, both plants and animals, in the county of Wiltshire".

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